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زندگی‌نامه: 1. Product name:
Semi automatic wet glue labeling machine
2. Product specification:
VoltageAC220V, 50HZ
Machine Dimension(L*W*H)630 * 430 * 330 (mm)
Machine Weight37kg
Labelling Speed15-30 labels/min
Labelling Precision±1mm (excluding product and label errors)
Applicable scope Diameter (φ30mm~φ120mm),
Height (30mm~230mm)
Applicable labels(Backing paper) width (40~175mm),
length (80~280mm)
Max Quantity of Label Supplya single label
Relative Humidity15-85%
3. Feature:
1)Import electrical components to ensure long-term stability and reliability of the round bottle sticker labeling machine
2)Two-stage pendulum spring-type delivery clutch: additional belt brake, high-speed constant tension label delivery
3)After the containers conveyed by the conveyor belt are properly aligned by the supply star wheel, the glued labels are labeled in the roller table area
4. Application:
The wet glue label applicator can be used for water, beverage, food, daily product, pharmacy, etc
5. Package
The manual wet glue labeling machine are shipped with container in the seaworthy vessel and suitable for export packaging
6. FAQ:
1. what is the delivery time of your linear wet glue labeling machine?
30 working days after received the down payment and technical confirmation of the label system
2. where is your factory?
We have three factories for making different labeling machine in China.
The Guangzhou factory make the automatic sticker labeling machine, hot melt glue labeling machine.
The Dongguan factory make semi automatic sticker labeling machine and automatic sticker labeller.
The Shanghai factory make the shrink sleeve labeling machine.
3. how do I know which labeling machine is suitable for me?
Firstly, you should send us the product dimension and label size, and other requirements.
Then we will design the suitable labeling system based on your product.
7. Customer case:
After developing the market deeply, we already cooperated with different famous domestic customer, such as Xuehua Bear, Huiyuan, Jinglongyu, Weiquan, Kunlunzhixing, etc. Supply the different model of labeling machine for our customer. For example, The round bottle labeling machine is for Xuehua Bear, Rotary sticker labeling machine is for Weiquan, etc.
8. After service:
We will arrange one engineer for labeling machine installation and commissioning. Customer engineers be also train by our engineer how to operate and maintenance the labeller.
The total installation and commissioning will take around 2-4 working days.
9. Production Process Table
1Customer requirement
2Technical confirmation
3Machine production
4Machine testing
5Machine checking
6Machine delivery
Wet Glue Labeling Machine manufacturers
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