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WOW Classic Tips to Help New Online Players
WoW is still a great, immersive world. If you’re a total beginner, you need the right knowledge to start on the right foot. What you need is a WOW Classic Gold beginner's guide.

In this article, we give you the some essential tips when starting out in WoW. From picking the right Warcraft classes to knowing the Warcraft characters you need, you need this. This is the World of Warcraft leveling guide you need to take a look:


Stay hydrated by keeping your beverage of choice refilled and handy to sip on while gaming. Getting dehydrated will make you lethargic and slow down your character’s leveling progress!

Water is boring but really is the best choice for quality hydration. Drinking something sugar-filled all day will make you feel sluggish in the long run.

Rogues will be stocking up on Thistle Tea for a boost of extra energy. Make H2O your Thistle Tea. Drinking actual tea (or coffee) is OK too in moderation.


Try to get up and move around as often as you’re able to help stretch tight muscles and activate unused ones, which will help promote good blood circulation. If you need a natural way to force yourself to routinely get up and moving, refer to Tip 1 above.

Health and wellness guidelines recommend getting at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise a week. So please allocate at least a little time to exercise. You’ll move better and feel better and be more energized throughout the day.

Think of it as a real life buff! You can grind for xp more efficiently and level up faster when your body is working properly and your mind is thinking clearly, all thanks to exercise.


Every time you sit back down, take this as an opportunity to reset your sitting position. There’s no one perfect posture when it comes to sitting and in fact it’s best to vary your posture as much as possible throughout the time you’re seated.

It’s OK to start by sitting straight upright but you probably won’t be able to maintain this position the whole time. Leaning forward a little and even reclining back are also good options as long as you maintain the natural lordosis (curve) in your lower back. Using a chair with lumbar support, sitting as far back in the seat as you can, and slightly engaging your core and glutes while you’re sitting upright can help.

But definitely try to change up the way you’re sitting throughout the day to avoid one static posture. Your awesome Warrior friend has perfected the art of swapping Stances and you should too! Whatever posture you have, just try to avoid slouching and losing that lumbar curve.


To help reduce eye strain, remember to blink! Rolling a Mage is not required. Blinking helps to naturally keep your eyes moist, but you’re most likely not going to be blinking as often as you normally would while you’re focused on the screen. Flightpaths and any other periods of downtime should be used to your advantage.

Also, try to keep in mind the 20-20-20 rule for general computing-related eyecare. Every 20 minutes try to look at something approximately 20 ft away for about 20 seconds. Just like varying your posture, it’s healthy to routinely change the way you use your eyes so that you’re not solely staring at a screen in front of you for hours on end.

Rolling your eyes can also help lubricate them, so make sure to spend a portion of your game time in Barrens or Trade chat.


Keep your energy up by eating as healthy as you can and indulge in the junk food sparingly. High sugar and processed foods won’t provide you with the long term energy you need to be the first person in your guild to reach level cap.

Especially if this is your second time playing vanilla WoW, sorry but you’re not a kid anymore and your metabolism isn’t what it used to be. Eat accordingly.

And please, try not to resort to eating things like cereal for every meal just because it’s quick and convenient. Tricks are for kids (and tanks that can’t keep threat).


Make sure to get your Rested XP buff in real life too. The amount can vary from person to person, but if you’re not getting 6-8 hours of sleep each night you’re most likely doing your mind and body a disservice.

After all, only about 1-3% of us are allegedly “super sleepers“, who can function well on less than 6 hours of sleep. That’s about the same percentage of players who are going to successfully clear Naxx40. Coincidence?

In any case, unless you’re intending to cosplay as the Undead at Blizzcon without needing a costume, make sure to get some quality Zzzz’s!


I lied when I said that you would be spending countless hours in a static seated position. Your hours can be easily counted by typing “/played” in any chat window.

Taking strategic breaks, at least once every hour, can help refresh and energize you so that you can better accomplish your gaming goals!

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