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ENGLEWOOD, Colo. - Ever so steadily, Jarome Iginla is getting up to speed with the Colorado Avalanche.Not easy, either, given all their speed.At 37, Iginla is simply trying to keep up with these kids flying up and down the ice. He picked this place in free agency because they have all the ingredients: A goal-scoring phenom in rookie of the year Nathan MacKinnon, a top-notch goaltender in Semyon Varlamov and an unorthodox coach in Patrick Roy who has a knack for pushing all the right buttons.Given his age, Iginla doesnt have much time left to hoist a Stanley Cup.Given their youth, the Avs sure could use another leader like him.Theres going to be some fun nights because of the things they can do a€” the skill level to go with the speed, said Iginla, who scored 30 goals for Boston last season. Very impressed with the tempo and the creativity.Iginla has been enthralled by the Avs for quite some time, too, watching from afar last season as the Avalanche tied a franchise record with 52 wins in Roys first season behind the bench. It was difficult not to pay attention with Colorado catching the hockey world by surprise and returning to the playoffs for the first time since 2010.What happened next, though, has haunted Roy all off-season a€” an overtime goal by the Minnesota Wild in Game 7 to end their season.We still think about that goal, Roy said.Thats why Roy and his former teammate turned executive Joe Sakic infused some grizzled veterans into their youthful squad, just to give them more leadership when times turned tough. They traded for Daniel Briere and Brad Stuart. And then, when Paul Stastny bolted for St. Louis, they brought in Iginla.The more leaders you have in the dressing room the better off youre going to be, Sakic said.Now comes the real challenge a€” winning when all eyes are upon them.Sure, theres a little more pressure, Briere said. But Id rather be a team that everybody is expecting to win, because that means you should be winning if you do your job right. I like the makeup of this team. What they did last year was tremendous.So far, Colorado has looked rather sluggish in the preseason, but Roy hardly gives it a second thought. Hes tinkering with different line combinations, trying to decide the best pairings between Matt Duchene, Ryan OReilly, captain Gabe Landeskog, Alex Tanguay, Iginla and MacKinnon.Here are some things to watch as the Avalanche prepare to open at Minnesota on Oct. 9:EVEN FASTER: Believe it or not, the already lightning quick MacKinnon may have found another gear this off-season working out with Duchene and Penguins standout Sidney Crosby. MacKinnon is coming off a season in which he scored 24 goals on his way to rookie of the year honours. I do have more jump in my step, MacKinnon said.FEELING HIP: Tanguay dealt with nagging knee and hip injuries all last season before finally electing to have hip surgery in February after playing in just 16 games. Healthy again, hes using this preseason to gain trust in that hip. He could again be paired with Iginla. The two were once teammates in Calgary.ANY ROLE WILL DO: When he arrived in Denver, Briere wasnt informed of his role by Roy but given some advice. Told me to come in and have fun, to relax, said Briere. He played a limited role most of last year for Montreal, which advanced to the Eastern Conference Final. Personally, a frustrating season as far as responsibilities went on the ice, Briere said. So that was (Roys) words of advice, just to come in here and have fun and good things will happen.VARLY, VARLY: Colorado will keep leaning heavily on Varlamov, who broke Roys team record for most wins (41) in a single season. He showed the world last year that he was a No. 1 goalie and Im sure Varlys going to continue to do that, Roy said. Varlamovs backup will be Reto Berra after Jean-Sebastien Giguere retired.LATE KNACK: Roy was revered last season for taking chances, like pulling the goaltender with plenty of time left in the third period, just to give his team more of a chance to score the equalizer. Hes one of the best in-game tactical coaches that Ive had, defenceman Erik Johnson said. دیدن لینک ها برای شما امکان پذیر نیست. لطفا ثبت نام کنید یا وارد حساب خود شوید تا بتوانید لینک ها را ببینید.
. -- Jerel Worthy and his Michigan State teammates charged across the field, holding four fingers in the air while celebrating another sweet victory over their biggest rival. دیدن لینک ها برای شما امکان پذیر نیست. لطفا ثبت نام کنید یا وارد حساب خود شوید تا بتوانید لینک ها را ببینید.
. Others describe it as taking the parrot for a walk. دیدن لینک ها برای شما امکان پذیر نیست. لطفا ثبت نام کنید یا وارد حساب خود شوید تا بتوانید لینک ها را ببینید.
.com) - Nathan MacKinnon scored the winning goal in the shootout as the Colorado Avalanche rallied for a 3-2 win over the Boston Bruins on Wednesday. دیدن لینک ها برای شما امکان پذیر نیست. لطفا ثبت نام کنید یا وارد حساب خود شوید تا بتوانید لینک ها را ببینید.
. CEO Steve Koonin on Tuesday told the Hawks flagship radio station that he made the decision to discipline Ferry but allowed him to keep his job managing the team. He did not say what the punishment was, but noted that he relied on a law firms three-month investigation of Ferry and him describing Deng as someone who has a little African in him. دیدن لینک ها برای شما امکان پذیر نیست. لطفا ثبت نام کنید یا وارد حساب خود شوید تا بتوانید لینک ها را ببینید.
. A last-minute leveler ensured the two-time defending champion remained nine points ahead of Roma, which drew 0-0 at bitter rival Lazio in the capital derby.MIAMI - By agreeing to pay Giancarlo Stanton $325 million over the next 13 years, Jeffrey Loria gets to keep one of baseballs premier sluggers in the Miami Marlins lineup.Whether that deal comes with some goodwill remains to be seen.Widely vilified for many of his decisions and rarely if ever outwardly bothered by the disdain so many openly direct his way, the Marlins owner went from penny-pincher to historic spender with one stroke of the pen this week. Stantons contract is the largest in U.S. pro sport history, though in Miami the deal seems to have drawn both celebration and skepticism.This is for the city of Miami, Stanton said. This is for newfound confidence and trust.Trust is a word Stanton used repeatedly Wednesday, the day he and Loria signed the megadeal.Its long been in short supply in Miami when talking about the Marlins, and the art dealer who owns the club.Loria took the Expos out of Montreal before buying the Marlins, which is still a sore subject for baseball fans in Quebec. With the Marlins, he traded away Miguel Cabrera, squabbled with and then fired Joe Girardi in a season where he won manager of the year, plus was revealed to have been making big profits while the team made do with baseballs smallest payroll in 2008 and 2009.Then came the stadium deal, which is still a hot-button topic in Miami. Loria and the Marlins got city officials to back a plan where tax money would pay for the bulk of constructing Marlins Park but the team would reap virtually all revenue generated in the building, then went on a free-agent spending spree before the new stadium opened in 2012 — only to trade away most of those players quickly.I pushed the reset button, Loria said. It wasnt popular. And I didnt care.And those are just the highlights. Or lowlights.As Ive mentioned over the past two years, our goal was to start fresh with this team, Loria said. What we had tto do a couple years ago was necessary.dddddddddddd It wasnt popular but we had to do it.Loria, who turned 74 Thursday, has never tried to win popularity contests.As such, hes never appeared to let public outcry affect his choices. Hes defended them, repeatedly and staunchly, even when he took out newspaper ads before the 2013 season as an open letter to South Florida residents to humbly ask that we start fresh.When youre in a position of leadership, you cant think about anything other than doing what you think is right, Marlins President David Samson said. No decision is ever going to be liked by everyone except the wrong decision, and that will only be liked by everyone after the fact. So when youre a leader, by definition, you cant do it right. You just have to be expected to lead and make decisions. Were not going to be right all the time. Nobody in power is right all the time.With Loria, decisions are rarely boring.He owned the team when the Marlins won their second World Series title in 2003 and has insisted since that hes committed to getting back to that point, even though critics have long insisted maximizing profit is his lone concern.Weve had some bumps in the road, Stanton said. And thats baseball. It takes time and patience. Were in the right direction.Samson said the team expected to have about 30 people at a recent select-a-seat event for the coming season. After the basic parameters of the Stanton deal became known, 240 people showed up instead.For a team that has ranked near the very bottom of baseballs attendance list for more than a decade, maybe signing Stanton is a step toward that fresh start Loria has wanted.Winning translates into attendance, Samson said. Winning translates into TV ratings and that translates into revenue. He gives us the best chance to win over the next 13 years. Thats how you get more revenues, by winning. ' ' '

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